Your credits are transferable to Southeastern University, Lakeland, Florida.

All along we have celebrated our “multi-million dollar faculty” and the excellent courses they have developed over the years. We now have a new way to celebrate that level of excellence! In 2014, CLST Global signed a specific “articulation agreement” with Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida.

This is the first time an education provider like ours has been able to celebrate such an accomplishment. A regionally accredited University evaluating our faculty and courses and agreeing to transfer credits into relevant degree programs communicates something unprecedented about CLST Global! It raises the value of our course offerings to a whole new level. For those who wish to transfer into SEU, a new, clear pathway has been defined. For students who simply want to continue enjoying a high quality Christian education learning experience, there is new confidence that the course offerings are excellent on the highest level.

We will continue to pursue articulation agreements with other regionally accredited universities. Once the precedent has been set and the bar has been raised, almost anything is possible!

The future is brighter than ever for CLST Global and for our CLEN member schools and students! We are committed to growing together in new ways and on new levels. We are here to serve your Christian higher education needs. Spread the word!