Discipleship Resources from CLST Global

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I’m sure you have heard about the importance of a famous person’s “last words.” Supposedly it says something about their essence, the way they think and why they act. The famous last words of our Lord Jesus Christ are especially important: “Go and make disciples…teaching them” (Matthew 28:19). One of the things pastors must consider is solid biblical teaching for church discipleship programs, such as small groups, new believers and Sunday school.

Jesus emphasized the meaning of these words by introducing them with the statement, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” In the other words, this is not just a suggestion, a nice piece of advice, it is a direct command from the King of kings. In fact, these words are “the Great Commission.” They describe the ongoing mission of the church, the reason why we are on the planet.

Recently, “discipleship” has been a very important theme in the Body of Christ, almost as though it is a new idea. The sad news is the fact that “discipleship” is being rediscovered only because it has been so neglected in the church for several decades. Those who are committed to the church being God’s Kingdom instrument in the world take the call to make disciples by teaching very seriously.

Most people think of CLST Global as a leadership and ministry training curriculum. And that it is! We like to say that we are “Uncommon Education Serving Uncommon Leaders.” But we also have a wide variety of discipleship resources. The Biblical Theology courses include very important foundational classes addressing basic Christian beliefs, including classes that describe a biblical worldview. Many of our Christian Counseling courses address the real-life needs of believers. The Practical Theology Division includes whole groups of Discipleship and Marketplace Ministry courses. And of course, every believer needs a solid foundation in Old Testament and New Testament.

Christian Life School of Theology not only offers degrees, but member churches can leverage the courses for small groups and discipleship programs.┬áThese courses and so many more give every pastoral leadership team a wonderful variety of options available to make disciples. Whether a believer is a “baby Christian” or a more mature saint, if they are committed to growth in Christlikeness, they will find all the resources they need at CLST Global! Are you committed to a lifestyle of discipleship? Then contact our office and we will serve your disciple making needs!