Christian Life School of Theology Global Online (CLST-GO) is an online and on-demand provider of various theology degrees for ministers, missionaries, market place leaders, Christian counselors and ANYONE seeking to become a high capacity Christian leader.  We offer quality, affordable and flexible education in all things related to Christian leadership and development.  


CLST-GO has raised the bar in providing the very best in theological, leadership and ministry studies.  Our courses are taught by some of the leading and recognized experts in their field of ministry.  Registered students of CLST-GO have access to a full array of our college faculty, resources, administration and technology.  To further validate the quality of our theology degree programs, many CLST Global courses have been eligible for credit transfer into fully accredited universities and colleges!


Education costs at traditional colleges and universities have skyrocketed in the last few years. However, we are committed to deliver the best quality of education in the world at the lowest possible cost.  Through CLST-GO you can now receive the education you always dreamed of without the heavy burnden of excessive debt.  We’re very proud that CLST-GO is one of the most extraordinary values anywhere in Christian higher education.


Our world is moving at a faster pace than ever before and today’s adult learners are extremely busy people!  Students of CLST-GO receive personalized guidance and customized course selection in our online AND on-demand learning platform.  We always seeks to deliver our courses in a way that best fits YOUR unique needs and desires!

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