About CLST-GO!

Christian Life School of Theology Global Online (CLST-GO) is the distance education program for Christian Life School of Theology Global.  For over 35 years CLST Global has been the premier provider of church-based theological education programs and resources.  Now, CLST-GO! has created an online and on-demand “world campus” allowing individual students to earn your Bachelor’s, Master’s or even Doctor of Theology degree completely online!  CLST-GO students learn from some of the leading theologians, pastors, teachers, and Kingdom practitioners in the world.  Our catalog covers almost 300 courses of varying content and subjects allowing each CLST-GO student to “customize” their learning journey around their unique passions and goals!  All of this is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional Chistian colleges and Bible colleges.  CLST-GO stacks up to be one of the most extraordinary values ever offered in Christian higher education!

CLST Global, church leadership and worldwide evangelism training

Reach your dream to earn a ministry degree.








  • Quality. At CLST-GO you’ll receive an exceptional education in Bible, Theology, Ministry, Leadership, Communication, Counseling, etc. from some of the world’s top theologians, experts and ministers.
  • Flexibility.  On-demand and online education that is uniquely designed to meet the needs of today’s busy adult learners.  Each CLST-GO student is offered a “customized” learning experience tailored to meet their desired needs, goals and calling.
  • Affordability. Each CLST-GO course is 3 credit units and costs only $180!  CLST-GO is truly one of the most extraordinary values you will find anywhere in Christian higher education.  Our motto is:  Uncommon Education Serving Uncommon Leaders!




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